Customer agrees not to remove or move the signs or misuse them in any way.

Customer understands and agrees that if signs are removed from the ground, there is a possibility of physical injury.

Customer agrees to release and hold harmless Celebration Signs of Palatine ("Company"), LLC, including its agents and members, from any cause of action, claims, or demands now and in the future.

Customer agrees not to hold Company  liable for any personal injury or any personal property damage, which may occur on the premises during installation or removal, or while signs are present.

Set up of "Surprise" signs are typically done between dusk the evening before the event and 6am the morning of.  Company will do everything possible to set up the evening before, if requested, however this may not be possible due to scheduling or weather.  In the event the set up occurs the morning of, this does not change the pick up time or the pricing.

Removal - Removal will be after 7pm the evening of the event unless other arrangements have been agreed to in advance.

For the safety of our installers, set up and removal of signs outside of public view (i.e. in a backyard or behind a fence) will only be done during daylight hours and may require two installers to be present.

Any signs rented to be installed in a public space outside of the authority or control of the Customer, such as a public park, require the Customer or a representative of the Customer who is 18 years of age or older to be present from set up to removal.  Customer will be responsible for securing approval for the installation from the managing body or land owner.

Customers requesting installation at a townhome are responsible for securing approval of the managing authority prior to installation.  Customer understands that not all townhomes allow for signage to be installed.

Signs will not be installed at apartment complexes or on college campuses.

Customer may not move the Celebration Sign.  If there is an issue with placement please contact us and we will be out to assist as soon as reasonably possible.

Customer's are welcome (and encouraged!) to take pictures with the sign, but please do not lean on the signs or allow children to play on them, as they are not made to withstand that.

Company will, from time to time, place pictures of Celebration Signs on their facebook page or website.  If you would prefer not to have your house shown online please inform us prior to the installation.  If notice is given after pictures have already been posted Company will remove the pictures as soon as reasonably possible.  Customer understands that once pictures have been published Company cannot control the use of those pictures by third parties that may copy pictures from the site without authorization.

Payment is required prior to the installation.  Payment can be made through a secure service provided by Square at the time of booking.  If booking is made by phone or email an invoice for payment through Square will be sent to the email on file.

Full refunds will be given for cancellations made more than 48 hours prior to installation.

We will do everything possible to set up your display as scheduled, however if, in our discretion, severe weather makes it unsafe for us or the signs, a full refund will be given.

If the weather should deteriorate after installation to the point that the Company believes the signs are in danger they may be picked up early.  If this occurs Company will attempt to contact the Customer or homeowner prior to removal.  Partial refunds for early removal due to weather may be considered based on length of time the signs have been installed.

Refunds will NOT be given for signs refused by the home or land owner, set up in the wrong yard due to incorrect address, or where Company, its employees or associates attempt to install but are unable to due to a real or perceived danger that is not weather related.

Theft, vandalism or damage to any part of the Celebration Sign is the responsibility of the Customer and the Company reserves the right to bill for items stolen or damaged.  This does not apply to damage that may be caused by acts of God such as significant weather events.